What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage in London might be new to modern spas.


It is actually an ancient form of massage thought to have originated from Buddhist monks in Thailand nearly 2,500 years ago.


It uses passive stretching techniques (assisted Yoga postures) and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines (also known as Sen lines).


This increases flexibility relieves muscle as well as joint tension and restores balance to the body’s energy systems.


Because of this, it has also come to be known as the ''lazy man's yoga''.


The mechanics utilised by Thai massage show a strong Indian ayurvedic and yogic influence.


However, a disciplined emphasis focused on energy channels betrays a link with Chinese Traditional Medicine.


Thai traditional medicine has existed for over 1000 years, in pretty much the same form that is used today but its recent worldwide spread has been phenomenal.

Thai Massage London - What to Expect

Thai massage in Leyton begins with a free consultation.


After you fill in a short form, you will be greeted and then shown to your treatment room by your therapist.


Artisa Spa's version of the Thai massage is performed on a massage table without the traditional Thai clothing, so it might be a little different to what you're used to. 


This allows for more flexibility during your session compared to the traditional method.


During your session, you will be put through a rigorous series of assisted Yoga postures and stretches that cover the entire body.


Don't worry if you are not very flexible, your therapist will only push the stretches as far as your joints and muscles allow. 


Thai massage is always a full body treatment because it is holistic in nature.


You will usually begin the treatment lying on your back and the therapist will start at your feet.


The treatment involves the therapist pressing up and down the body along the Sen lines using palms, thumbs, forearms and knees.


Some of these pressure points will be very deep, but should not be painful.


Here again, communication is vital to a successful outcome so please inform your therapist immediately if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

You will probably notice the therapist go backwards and forwards to different areas rather than the western way of working on one limb at a time. 


Research shows that Thai massage is an effective way of boosting the function of the parasympathetic nervous system—which in turn triggers the body’s rest and relaxation responses—and can successfully treat conditions such as chronic tension headaches.

If a Thai massage is what you need then don't waste another minute - book your first session now!

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