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Spa Etiquette

 These guidelines will help you understand what is expected of guests while guiding you to get the most out of your visit.


We want to make your time with us the most tranquil experience possible.

General Guidelines

  • Please arrive showered or notify us before your arrival so you can use our free shower service.

  • Please don't leave wet towels on the floor, furniture or equipment. You can use the hooks to hang it.

  • Plan ahead and arrive early. Feeling relaxed is crucial and it ensures that you'll get the most out of your treatment.

  • All clients are required to complete a consultation form during their first visit. This is a legal requirement and there are no exceptions.

  • Please keep your voice at a minimum to help preserve the sense of tranquillity in our premises.

  • Artisa Spa does not provide any kind of sexual services. Asking for "extras" will not be tolerated and doing so will result in instant termination of your treatments and permanent withdrawal of your right to access our facilities.

  • Therapists reserve the right to stop the treatment at any time if they feel that the guest’s behaviour is inappropriate.

  • Clients are advised to hydrate before and after their treatment. This makes soft tissue more pliable and helps avoid muscle cramps.

  • Eating and smoking (including e-cigarettes) are strictly prohibited on our premises.

  • Please use your headphones if you want to listen to or watch something as this helps preserve tranquillity.

  • If for any reason you feel unwell during your treatment, please inform a member of staff.

  • Artisa Spa is not responsible for your personal possessions.

  • Treatments are provided by qualified therapists or by qualified third parties only who are in possession of the appropriate licenses and insurance.

  • Artisa Spa will prosecute any guests caught removing property from the spa, causing damage to the facilities or found tampering with equipment.

  • Non-compliance with the Artisa Spa etiquette will result in your access to the facilities being withdrawn at the very least.