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90' Deep Tissue Massage w/ Hot Stones

Combine the therapeutic properties of hot stones with the firm pressure of deep tissue.

Service Description

This indulgent massage uses gently heated basalt rocks to allow your therapist to work deeper into your areas of concern. Firmer pressure is used and more specific attention is paid to muscle knots or trigger points. Clients can expect relief from muscle tension and pain, improved circulation, reduced levels of stress and anxiety alongside an overall sense of well-being. If you have specific muscles or trigger points that need individual attention, a hot-stone deep tissue massage can help ease tension, increase the range of motion, and relieve chronic pain.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 99 British pounds
  • Artisa Spa Leyton

Cancellation Policy

Artisa Spa's appointment cancellation policy requires clients to provide 48 hours' notice to cancel an appointment and 24 hours' notice to reschedule. Late cancellation incurs a 100% service cost fee, while late rescheduling incurs a 50% service cost fee. Alteration requests must be made via phone or the spa's website. The spa has a no-show policy and a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour. Clients must agree to abide by the policy when scheduling an appointment.

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