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Artisa Spa is more than a destination for leisure. It's a revolutionary new concept, based on introducing high-quality massage and skincare to London. We believe in a natural way to heal body and mind.

Massage in London - The Way It's Meant to Be

Massage in London is widely stigmatised due to the countless dimly lit places that offer anything but massage, thus ruining the reputation of the industry.

We are here to change all that!

Artisa Spa is much more than a massage & beauty clinic - it's a revolution, an idea, a whole new way of thinking.


Located in Leyton, East London - our philosophy revolves around offering competitive pricing for high-quality treatments that work towards improving your life.

We carefully listen to your needs and administer resourceful solutions while tracking your progress, so you can witness firsthand the positive impact our treatments can have.

Our key to a successful treatment is understanding every client's uniqueness and catering to each one's individuality.

It is our goal to provide a calming, serene and inviting space where you can let go of your worries and submerge into an ocean of relaxation.

We do so by ensuring that each of your visits at Artisa Spa is a unique and indelible experience.


For Artisa Spa, your well-being is the top priority.


With us, you can expect a healthy union of body, mind and spirit.

Our experienced practitioners have extensive knowledge of the first-rate services we provide, which, in turn, gives you comfort and inspires you with sheer confidence.

Artisa Spa's Origins - All About Massage

Artisa Spa is named after the owner Artisa, whose passion is all about improving peoples lives through massage therapy.


Artisa's Greek origins – in combination with her historical in-depth study of massage practices in antiquity – have enabled her to master every different massage technique and style.


From Chinese to Hindu and Thai, she has fully understood the tenets and applications of these archaic practices.

As unemployment and political unrest in Greece was on the rise, in 2013, Artisa decided to move to London.


Despite being away from her home, she never had second thoughts in her goal of improving people’s lives through massage therapy.


She began her voyage in the UK as a self-employed massage therapist quickly becoming known and sought after for her professionalism, knowledge, dedication and high-quality treatments.


After building a large client base, in 2017 she entertained the idea of starting a massage therapy centre that would offer only the most efficient and effective treatments.


Unlike her contemporaries, she made sure that high-quality treatments could be affordable for everyone.

Artisa's views towards massage therapy are far from ordinary.


To her, it's not a form of luxury but rather an instrument for achieving a higher quality of living.


Everyone should experience its benefits.


This eventually gave birth to what is now Artisa Spa.

Since then, she has been personally vetting the best therapists in London, who have to pass through a rigorous process before joining the team.


This ensures Artisa Spa's clients that all qualified practitioners are experienced, but also properly trained in the treatments provided, enabling us to maintain consistency and high-quality service.

With Artisa Spa, you can expect a well-lit, relaxing, and calming environment.


On top of it all, you will be greeted by the pleasant smells of therapeutic grade essential oils and the warm smiles of our friendly and welcoming staff.

Since its conception, Artisa Spa has grown to a collective of dedicated therapists – all emulating the seed that Artisa planted.

It has become a tool necessary to achieve a higher quality of living.


Since opening our doors, we have witnessed first-hand how massage therapy can cultivate a fundamentally positive shift in a person’s health.

Artisa Spa takes great pride in offering a wide variety of modalities.


We believe that by doing so, each of our clients will have the opportunity to explore and discover the right set of services.


Above anything else, we use an integrative and holistic approach specifically designed to help you develop positive life patterns.


We want to make sure that your experience with us is greatly attuned to the very fabric of your own wellness goals and needs.

We are all about providing a natural way of healing both body and mind.


We can help ease your aches and eliminate stress, our bespoke massage treatments will make you feel relaxed and at ease.


Our methods and techniques are customized to your individual needs have been proven to provide only the best natural way to heal.


After all, massage is not a luxury; but a necessity for a higher quality of life.

A Bit About Our Passion

Massage therapy primarily consists of hands-on manipulation of the body’s soft tissues.


This could be the connective tissue, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons, just to name a few – all for the single purpose of optimizing a person’s health.


This type of treatment has been proven to have multiple therapeutic effects on the body.


It also optimizes someone's health and well-being, as it directly affects the circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems.


Through massage therapy, it is easy to develop, maintain, and improve your physical and mental function.


Even more so, it can either relieve or prevent the possibility of physical dysfunction, pain, and the adverse effects of stress.

Artisa Spa’s unique massage techniques are based on ancient methods that have been around for millennia.


Throughout the years, we have utilized our understanding of human anatomy and physiology, combining them into forming the kind of massage therapy that only we can provide.

Artisa Spa is conveniently located at 359 High Road Leyton, in East London.


Call us on 02085588268 or drop us a message via our Contact Us page

What are you waiting for? Visit us now. We look forward to meeting you!

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